We offer a varied programme of activities tailored for your child’s individual needs.

Our setting operate a free play environment where children can choose what they wish to play with from our extensive range of resources: *space allowing

Creative play/ art and craft
 Themed craft
 Colouring
 Card making
 Jewellery design and make workshop
 Sewing
 Badge making
 Painting
 T-shirt design
 Play dough
 Water play
 Sand play

Floor games and activities
 Pop up tents
 Soft play
 Bouncy castle * space allowing
 Cars and Play Road mats
 Lego
 Castle and figures
 Doll house and figures
 Duplo
 Farm
 Dinosaurs
 K-nex
 Musical instruments
 Assorted card and board games and jigsaw puzzles

Chill out area
DinoTots Childcare will set up a comfy area with floor mats and beanbags *space allowing, in order to allow the children to chill out and relax after a busy day playing.
 T/v and DVD Player
 Soft Floor Mats
 Bean bags *space allowing
 Soft play blocks *space allowing
 Books

Electronic area
We aim to take into consideration the needs of all children within the creche and not all children wish to participate in art and craft etc therefore we provide some tech activities:
 Seating area
 Games console
 Selection of fun Multi-Player Games

Role play
It is a child’s innate desire to pretend. DinoTots Childcare allow children to participate in many role play scenarios allowing them to imitate, imagine and explore with our fun activities:
 Tents, Tunnels and dens.
 Den making.
 Dressing up.
 Face painting and temporary tattoos

Activities provided are planned in advance and a programme is displayed within the setting. Once you are registered and using our service you will be able to access the full programme.

If the children are lacking direction, our staff are there to help them along, as play workers we facilitate their play and the little ones particularly need this in the early stages.
Activities provided are planned in advance and are displayed within the club, once registered and using the service you will be able to access the full programme.

A variety of equipment and play opportunities are available to the children, but as play workers we are here to support and facilitate children’s play and not decide for them. After-school is a time for fun and chilling out, therefore as well as the indoor and outdoor toys and resources, we have a TV, DVD’s, PlayStation or Wii, and much much more! Our programme of activities is put together following consultation with the children during club council meetings.

We hold a club council with the children on a regular basis this is a platform for the children to ask for new resources, throw in ideas etc, within reason they need to take responsibility for their play setting and the staff ask if there’s anything they want to change or introduce or remove etc . I would encourage all children to chip in their ideas if they want to change anything as this feedback is taken into account when we have a staff meeting and discuss future planning.

We offer the children a fair balance of risk and safety in play and children enjoy the activities on offer. If present, the additional needs of parent’s and children are being met .Children are offered the opportunity to learn about different faiths and cultures and we are an inclusive childcare setting.